Recommended Attractions to Visit in Spain

From the majestic Madrid, the bustling Barcelona and the sunny Seville, Spain consists of places that are popular with tourists. The country is home to beautiful towns and cities that are rare to find in any other part of the world. Spain has diverse landscapes that offer its cities with picturesque ambiance. The country’s history differentiates its towns: cities that have long been occupied by Visigoths and Moors are different from those that were famous during the Spanish Renaissance. Here are five places that you must see the next time you visit Spain.

5. Valencia

Valencia faces the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Valencia, an important city in Spain. The futuristic architecture will get you thrilled because of the Sciences Complex and the City of Arts. The Barrio del Carmen is a beautiful part of this city that will leave you amazed. In the Museum of Fine Arts, you will find a unique collection of Spanish paintings. University of Valencia’s botanical gardens will make you visit the town again and again.

4. Ourense

This is the capital of Galicia region, next to the Mino River. The city boasts of scenic bridges, which were constructed in the Roman Era. The city has Plaza Mayor features that are as old as the 18th Century. Ourense’s hot springs known as ‘pozas’ are breathtaking.

3. Burgos

For over half a century, Burgos has been the capital of the Castile region in Spain. Here is where El Cid, the medieval Spanish hero is buried. Visitors who wish to learn about Spain’s History find this place educative. Burgos has been recognized as a ‘European City of Culture.’ The Cathedral of Burgos, the towering Spires as well as the Paseo de la Isla are just a few places that will leave you amazed.

2. Santillana del Mar

In the Cantabria region is Santillana del Mar, a city that is close to the sea but surrounded by land. The city boasts of a setting with rolling hills, fields and farms. Sandstone churches line the streets and prehistoric caves, museums and incredible cave paintings are a few of the things that make it important to visit Santillana del Mar.

1. Huesca

Here is a small town in the Aragon region in Northern Spain. The town is used by people visiting the Pyrenees Mountains for ski sessions. The Huesca cathedral has twelve statues of the apostles. The San Pedro el Viejo, Miguel Servet Park and the city’s park are some of the ‘come and see’ features of the city.